Your life is about to get a whole lot better with the healthy low carb diet plan!

If you are a new addition to the low carb diet way of life The Carb Free Diet Guide is your first step to a healthy low carbohydrate lifestyle.

By following our range of suggestions and advice you can get great insights as to what to eat to maintain a healthy diet.

Adapting to a diet that is devoid of carbohydrates can prove to be a difficult task, and most individuals making the change find it hard to give up foods such as breads and pastas that have traditionally been staples of every meal. Most people are daunted by the task of finding nutrient-rich foods that are versatile for use in a range of meals and that provide a sense of consulting the following no carb diet insights and food suggestions, you will be well on your way to achieving success and satisfaction with your new choice of diet lifestyle. Keep in mind that it is always wise to consult with a relevant doctor or dietician before proceeding to make any of the available low carb diets.

There are plans on the market today that preach the idea of eliminating this macronutrient from your diet altogether as a means of eating to lose weight, and for the most part that is true, but there is one time from time to time that your body needs this group of foods.

Before divulging that information, one thing to note is that your body does not need carbohydrates all day. It only really needs protein, one of the building blocks to all things in your body, and fat the most efficient energy source you can find at the grocery store. Both of those should be staples of the group foods you need to be eating to lose those unwanted pounds.

Truth be told there is one time when you should absolutely consume carbohydrates, and consume them in a large quantity, and that is in the window of time after an intense workout.

When we go to the gym our muscles need energy to function, and they need an easily accessible and quick burning source so it has enough energy to power through whatever it is that you are doing.

This means that it is going to start pulling that energy from glycogen, or sugar stores within your muscles. It would pull from your fat stores, but since fat is nine calories per gram it takes more than twice as long for your body to break it down for energy.

Since we are unable to burn fat immediately for energy our glycogen stores within our muscles will have to suffice. This means that once we deplete those stores with an intense workout we need to replenish them.

The best options for putting these sugars back into your muscles is fruit, and namely berries.

These tasty little nuggets are high in sugar and antioxidants, which is critical for your body post workout because it has endured some oxidative stress as well running down its own immune system ability.