Assessing the Impact of Image Extensions

Google first announced image extensions in beta in June 2013, providing an exciting opportunity for advertisers to include visual content directly in text ads. Playing off Product Listing Ads (PLAs), which … Read more at (345)

Now Accepting PPC Hero Guest Bloggers

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Conflict Resolution and Client Management

I don’t do a lot of things well. I am pretty bad at MLB 14: The Show. I can’t draw, not even stick figures. I can’t sit through any of … Read more at (281)

Excel PPC Heat Mapping 101

Spreadsheets are hard. For the uninitiated, diving in to an AdWords or Bing-generated Excel file can be an incredibly daunting task. With the number of potential rows and columns in play, … Read more at (304)

Google Introduces “My Business”

Today on Inside AdWords, Google introduced “My Business”. My Business offers a new, free way for businesses to connect with their customers. All sorts of companies can reach their customers … Read more at (274)