#SMX London: Hardcore SEO Power Tools

SEO has been growing exponentially during the last year due to it being more connected to all the other Internet Marketing disciplines. SEO grows more complex and the size of the sites we work on continue to grow. It’s more important than ever to have a set of high-quality tools that give us both a competitive […]

Web Design vs. SEO: It Doesn’t Make Much Sense

It’s a common sight: designers bashing SEOs and vice versa. We all have been seeing this happening for a long while now. And it’s probably not going to end any soon. It might get pregnant and more heated in a year or two, though. Unless, of course, both sides realize that they finally need to […]

Content So Simple Your Client Could Do It

Getting Started with Content Creating content isn’t something that comes naturally to most people. Writing a blog post for the first time can be torture and reading the results often as painful. The biggest problem for many can be knowing where to start. … The post Content So Simple Your Client Could Do It appeared […]

How to spot a bad link – Paul Madden at #BrightonSEO

Paul Madden, formerly of Automica, recently teamed up with Gareth Hoyle nad became a partner of Manual Link Building. I really enjoyed Paul’s talk at SearchLove earlier this year, where he outlined how he scaled automated SEO processes using Odesk. With Penguin, Google sold us the idea that using the disavow tool and simultaneously reporting […]

How “Risky” is your Link Profile? LinkRisk Tells You

Links, it used to be a topic which was all about getting links, one way or another. The right way or the ‘wrong way’. Ever since Google introduced a couple of animals to the SEO world however things have changed. Panda and especially Penguin updates have made the links business very different. Suddenly its all […]

Link Disavow Placebo

Many webmasters believe they can simply upload bad links in Google’s link disavow tool and wait for them to be magically removed from Google’s link graph. Several people at Google have already advised that link disavow tool represents just a step in a link cleanup process. … The post Link Disavow Placebo appeared first on […]

Marketing and business books in Amazon’s Kindle Spring Sale

I’m a firm believer that you should always be learning, and I’ve always been an avid reader. Since the Kindle was launched, it’s never been quicker and easier to access a wide variety of writing, particularly niche books which previously may have been expensive and hard to find. And the frequent sales and offers on […]

Improving The Activity Stream In Social Reports

We’ve redesigned the Google Analytics Social Reports to make it easier to see the conversations and activity happening surrounding your content on our Social Data Hub Partners. We’re introducing 2 new reports that make it easier to consume this data: Data Hub Activity Trackbacks The activity stream was previously available via drill down from the […]

Majestic SEO Launch Webmaster Tools

Updates and changes are coming thick and fast for Majestic SEO, but today’s announcement is a significant one. As from noon today Majestic SEO launch their own Webmaster Tools. Free and Paid users can also authenticate all of their sites via Google Webmaster Tools (more accounts for higher subscriptions) which means that if you verify a site […]

The State of Search & Social – #RIMC13

A great intro from Bas at the Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference to the ‘State of  Search & Social’ track. Ever the historian – Bas states that the first guy that ever got social right was Jesus… then one of his followers unfollowed him… Starting with the general idea of Search. In times before a great […]

The Best SEO Tools: What, How, and Why

I have a confession to make: I am an SEO tools junkie. In the good old days I had a team of programmers in-house who developed tools to my vision. Today, there are so many fantastic tools on the market that there is no need to deal with the hassles of home grown tools. In […]

A Photo Is Worth A Thousand Links: SMX West

In San Jose the last few days SMX West took place. Gemma Birch is there and reports back on some of the sessions for State of Search. The phenomenal rise of Pinterest has confirmed that images are more popular and important than ever before. This final session of the day looked at how we can better […]

Is Social Media Bad For Your Phone

No doubt many of you reading this use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others on a daily, if not hourly basis. However, have you ever stopped for a minute to think about the negative impacts that this kind of social media usage has on both our phones and mobile devices, […]

Social Visualization of Brand & Culture: IBM Voices Does the Talking

About today’s guest post: As companies mature their online presence though more robust social engagement, individuals within those companies are advancing use of social technologies to communicate and collaborate publicly. At the same time, consumers’ evolving use of social platforms has lead to increased expectations for brand information discovery, consumption and engagement. The surfacing of […]

Think Visibility Roundup – TV9 – March 2013

Another super weekender in Leeds in the form of Think Visibility 9. Celebrating Birthday #5, this March’s Thinkvis seemed to be held on every floor of the Alea Casino and I seem to have made more friends than ever… which means I also have more incriminating photos than ever (you know who you are). Without […]